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Injury Checklist


What do I do after I have been injured?

What you should do:

  1. Seek medical treatment immediately. It is imperative to document your injuries. Describe how the injures arose  (e.g. knees hit the dashboard) so your doctor can provide appropriate medical treatment. Always follow your doctor’s instructions for care.

  2. Contact Palmer Kucera LLP for a free consultation of your case.

  3. Notify your insurance company.

    BUT do not make any statement or sign any admission of fault.

  4. Try to take pictures of the trauma and the injury scene.

  5. Keep copies of all documents and paperwork pertinent to the accident. Documentation of your medical records is the evidence needed to build your case.

  6. DO NOT accept any offer from an insurance company until you speak to a personal injury attorney. This is where Palmer Kucera LLP advocates on your behalf. Let our personal injury attorneys handle your claim; we’ll offer realistic advice and help you choose the right options. Insurance companies will attempt to settle the case fast, and for far less money you are entitled to.

  7. Lastly, when in doubt contact a personal injury lawyer for any questions about your case.



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